Beat the Heat with Paw Balm

For dogs, summer is a blast. The possibility of running, swimming, and exploring makes them dance with excitement every time they see a leash in your hands. Every day is a new adventure, and there’s no telling what you and your furry friends will discover next.

To make sure your pet bestie is safe in the summer heat, you need to help protect them from the sun’s harsh rays. Just like humans do when we go out on a particularly warm day, and equip ourselves with hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and water bottles, we need to consider these same things for our dogs. And one of the best places to start is, well, from the ground up!

Have you ever set your bare feet on concrete during a hot day? It doesn’t feel very good, does it? Almost like the bottom of your feet are an over-easy egg and the sidewalk is the frying pan. We’ve all done the “ouch, ouch, ouch!” dance of trying to get our feet to a cold spot while shoeless outdoors. 

In fact, on summer days when the temperature reaches over 30 degrees Celcius (~85 degree Fahrenheit), concrete sidewalks can get as hot as 50 degrees Celcius (~135 degrees Fahrenheit)! Could you imagine walking to the corner store and back in that heat without any protection on your feet? Well, dogs don’t have to imagine it, it’s their reality!

Did you know?

It only takes 60 seconds for a dog’s feet to burn on a sidewalk when the air's temperature is 25 degrees Celcius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher.

We are lucky enough to have shoes, and the ability to easily move when the ground is too hot for our comfort, but for dog’s they can only prepare as much as we prepare them ourselves! And because not every dog loves to rock a sporty pair of sneakers, we came up with something every summer loving dog should have in their to-go bag!

Our Solution

Introducing, the Only One Treats Paw Balm!

An open, small, blue tin full of a clear balm.To protect your dog’s feet during hot summer walks, try using Paw Balm on their feet! Simply open the tin, and apply the balm liberally to your dog’s feet pads and between their toes before you hit the streets. The paw balm creates a layer of protection between your dog’s sensitive – and cute! – feet, while moisturizing and hydrating! And it isn’t only for the summer. Paw Balm helps prevent dry, cracking paws in the winter, and protects paws against rough, salty sidewalks. And the uses for Paw Balm doesn’t end at the paws: try it on dry noses and elbows too!

What is Paw Balm?

Our Paw Balm is a natural balm/salve that can be applied to the bottom of animal’s feet to help protect against hot summer ground temperatures. It is made using Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, and vitamin E – all natural ingredients safe for pets and children to consume. 

Quick Tips!

  • Before going on a walk with your dog, place your hand on the hot sidewalk outside. If the sidewalk is too hot to comfortably keep your hand there for very long, take extra precautions when walking your pet, or wait until a cooler time in the day. Consider going to grassy or shady areas, or have play time indoors instead. And always be sure to bring water along for yourself and your pet!
  • Our Paw Balm can help protect against hot summer days, but it too has its own limits against extreme heat. Beeswax is the main protection agent in our Paw Balm, which offers insulation against the heat, but has a melting point of 62-65 degrees Celsius (143-149 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ready to try Paw Balm?

Order your pet Paw Balm today, and enjoy the summer fun with protection!