Dried Sardines for Pets

Crunchy, fragrant, and oh so tasty…

There is no snack cats and dogs enjoy more than dried sardines!

These delicious little fish make a fantastic treat. In fact, dried sardines are an all-natural way to reward good behaviour, add another element of yumminess to your pet’s food bowl, and boost your four-legged friend’s overall health. 

Curious about the benefits of dried sardine fish treats?

Only One Treats is delighted to share our bestselling product with pet parents.

Let’s learn about why cats meow and dogs excitedly wag their tails over a bag of Dried Sardines

What is So Special About Dried Sardines? 

When it comes to sardines, not all fish are created equal. 

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To find out exactly why dried sardines are the pet treat of choice, it can be helpful to first understand what a sardine is. Sardines are part of the Anchovy family of fish, so these are small-sized edible fish that swim in schools and are prized for their oily texture and mouth-watering taste. Unlike larger fish species (such as bluefin tuna, king mackerel, shark, and swordfish) non-Pacific sardines also have a very low mercury content. Compared to canned sardines, Only One Treats’ Dried Sardines are 100% natural with no added water or harmful preservatives. 

No wonder cats and dogs love them! 

Each 40g bag is jam-packed with nutrient-dense whole fish. The best part? What you see is what you get – literally. Even though they vary in thickness, shape, weight, and colour, sardines are the single ingredient used.

4 Health Benefits of Adding Sardines to Your Pet’s Diet

There are plenty of reasons why people choose dried sardines for their pets. 

Those interested in the health benefits of feeding raw (but worry about uncooked bacteria, bones, cartilage, choking hazards, etc.) you will be pleased to hear that our dried sardines are smaller than three inches and easy to chew. They can also be broken down even further by hand by snapping them in two. Plus, they can be conveniently stored in the fridge. 

But most importantly, they are good for your pet’s health.

High in DHA + Omega-3 Fatty Acids

First, dried sardines are great for the skin and coat. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation, allergies, itchiness, and dry, flaky skin. Likewise, sardines are high in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which improves eyes, joints, as well as cognitive and heart function in our kitty and doggy friends.

Low in Calories

Secondly, has your veterinarian warned you about obesity? 

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, in North America, 25% to 30% of dogs are overweight. Unfortunately, the statistics for cats are worse. Luckily, at 64.9% crude protein, dried sardines are low in calories but still high in nutrition.  Each one of our sardines works out to be about four calories on average.

Natural Source of Calcium

Next, let’s not forget about the bones…fish bones, that is! Dried sardines are an excellent natural source of minerals like calcium. 

Essential Amino Acids

Lastly, sardines provide all the essential amino acids pets require for proper organ function and digestion. 

Are Sardines Too Salty for Dogs and Cats?  

As you can see, there are numerous dried sardine health benefits. However, it’s normal to have further questions. For example, “Are sardines safe for my dog to eat?” The answer (for both canines and felines) is, yes! 

Dried Sardines

Sardines a purrrfectly safe for pets to eat in moderation. There is no added salt in Only One Treats Dried Sardines. Your pet’s safety is our highest priority, and for that reason, we adhere to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The AAFCO recommends that dry dog food contains at least 0.3% sodium, and that dry cat food contains at least 0.2% sodium, for both maintenance and to support normal growth and development.  Only One Treats Dried Sardines have a total sodium content of 0.11% or 1.7 mg of sodium per 1.5g sardine.

Because they are sun-dried and never salted, there is actually less sodium content in sardines than in many other “human” snacks we feed our pets, like cheese. 

Fortunately, with dried sardines sodium poisoning isn’t a concern. 

Ready to Drool Over Dried Sardines?

So, are dried sardines good for dogs and cats? Absolutely. 

Your pet will love eating these fish. Full of health benefits for the skin, coat, eyes, joints, brain, and heart, dried sardines are a tasty topper for meals and delicious treat.  

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