Top Pet Treats and Chews of 2023

We’re officially in 2024! We hope the new year has been treating you well. With a new year comes setting goals, planning for the future, and of course looking back on the past year and remembering the highlights. For us, this included looking at which treats and chews you ordered most in 2023 so we can continue to deliver the same great quality products. Whether you’re a returning customer who wants to know what other pet owners are buying, or you’re looking to make your first Only One Treats order and want to try our most popular items, we’ve got you covered. So, without further ado, here are our Top Treats and Chews of 2023!


Let’s start with our top pet treats of 2023!


10) Rabbit and Beaver Sticks 110g

Rabbit and Beaver Sticks

Just squeezing into the top ten is Rabbit and Beaver Sticks! These tasty treats use unique proteins to create a more adventurous flavour profile. Has your pet tried them yet?



9) Duck Liver Jerky 85g

Duck Liver Jerky

Wow! We launched our Duck Liver Jerky in May of 2023, it hasn’t even been available for a full year yet, and it’s already in our top 10! It has been great seeing the positive response to this new item in 2023. Who knows, maybe next year it will crack – or should we say “quack”! – the top 5!


8) Wild Pacific Salmon Training Treats 170g

Wild Pacific Salmon Training Treats

The first appearance of Training Treats, at number 8, is our Salmon Training Treats. There is one other Training Treat coming up on our list. Can you guess which flavour it is?


7) Cod Skin Chips 100g

Cod Skin Chips

Cod is quickly becoming a fan favourite with the Only One Treats community! These chips are the perfect fishy treat for cats and dogs alike!


6) Freeze Dried Cod 70g

Freeze-Dried Cod

It seems as though you were all crazy for cod this year, with Freeze-Dried Cod being at number 6!



5) Fresh Soft Pumpkin Training Treats 170g

Fresh Soft Pumpkin Training Treats

Did you guess correctly? At number 5 we have our fall favourite Pumpkin Training Treats. Not just good for a treat when walking through the autumn trails! It’s a perfect bite-sized snack any time of the year.


4) Kangaroo Jerky 56g

Kangaroo Jerky

Some of you may be a bit surprised that Kangaroo Jerky cracked the top five of our countdown, but we aren’t! Our popular Kangaroo Jerky is suitable for all dogs, but is especially favoured by pets with food allergies or sensitivities to other meats like beef, pork, fish, or poultry. 


3) Salmon Skin Strips 85g

Salmon Skin Strips

Fishy, crispy, and mouth watering. This best seller finds itself at number 3 on our list. Great for all types of pets, our Salmon Skin Strips leave them begging for more!


2) Dried Sardines 150g Case of 10

Dried Sardine - Case of 10 x 150g

Is anyone surprised that Dried Sardines are at the tippy top of our list? We aren’t! Pets can’t get enough of them. So much so that you’ve been ordering cases of ten 150g bags at a time! Wow! That’s a lot of sardine goodness. We wish we had a list of the top 10 Dried Sardine eaters of the year, because you folks would be on it!


1) Dried Sardines 150g

Dried Sardine 150g

And of course, our number one selling treat of 2023 is our all-time best seller: Dried Sardines! Crunchy, smelly (in the ‘pets love it’ kind of way!), and oh so delicious. Perfect for dogs, cats, or even exotic pets! You can’t go wrong with a bag of Dried Sardines. We do sell them in multiple different size bags, but you all had your eyes on the biggest one – and we like the way you think!


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Now, time to announce the top 10 dog chews of 2023!


10) 11"+ Lamb Gullet Stick

11" Lamb Gullet Stick

Considering this new item hasn’t even been available for a full year yet, it comes in at number ten on our list! Can we say ‘up-and-coming star’?


9) 12" Standard Bully Stick

12" Standard Bully Stick

You can never go wrong with a 12” Standard Bully Stick. Dogs love them, they’re long, they’re strong, and they’re durable!



8) 6" Jumbo Bully Stick

6" Jumbo Bully Stick

Long Lasting and durable, these jumbo chews are perfect for dogs who love to chew, chew, chew. Which is why they take number 8!



7) Lamb Ear

Lamb Ears

Did you hear? Lamb ears made it to number 7 on the top ten list for 2023!




6) 5-7" Pork Pizzle Stick

5-7" Pork PizzleThe first pizzle on our list is at number 6: 5-7" Pork Pizzle Stick! Our Pork Pizzles are high in protein and provide an effective way to reduce tartar while keeping teeth and gums healthy.


5) 6" Standard Bully Stick

6" Standard Bully Stick

Tried and true, our classic 6" Standard Bully Stick is coming in at number 5.



4) 8-11" Braided Lamb Pizzle

8-11" Braided Lamb Pizzle

Braided for extra durability, we have our 8-11" Braided Lamb Pizzle! 



3) 8" Veal Pizzle Stick

8" Veal Pizzle Stick

Our second pizzle on the list! And this time, it’s veal! Do you have a preference for pizzle protein? Do you think another will pop up in one of the top slots of our list?


2) Regular Chicken Feet

Regular Chicken Feet

Our runner-up is Regular Chicken Feet! A little odd looking, we confess, but dogs love them and hey, that’s what matters. And apparently they really loved them this year if they came in at number 2 of our top 10 chews of the year!



1) 9-14" Lamb Pizzle Stick Single

9-14" Lamb Pizzle Stick Single

Our number one best selling and most popular dog chew for 2023 is…. 9-14" Lamb Pizzle Stick Single! It’s long, durable, and reliable. Plus, it’s made of lamb, a protein growing in popularity amongst the pet community. Did you order a lamb pizzle this year?


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Well, that’s our top 10 pet treats and chews of 2023! Did any surprise you that they were – or weren’t! – there? Did your pet’s fave make the list? Let us know! Tag us on Instagram at @OnlyOneTreats. We love hearing from our community members!