Soft Natural Peanut Training Treats - 170g/6oz

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We take a lot of pride in making these special training treats. They are hand crafted in small batches to maintain a high degree of quality in this product.

We make these treats from the best ingredients we can find.  A simple 3 ingredient recipe with flavour taking centre stage.  The main ingredient peanuts is accompanied by Chickpea Flour and Vegetable Glycerin to make a low in fat, gluten free, healthy soft training treat that your dog or cat will love.  In fact these can also be great for dogs that have had teeth extractions or ones who generally have a tough time with hard treats.


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein / Protéine brut 18.41%

Crude Fat / Matiére grasse brut 12.61%

Carbohydrates / Les Glucides 48.36%

Crude Fiber / Fibres brutes 2.18%

Ash / Les Cendres 1.81%

Moisture / Humidité 18.81%

Calories per 100g / Calories (kcal/100g) 380.57

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