From Our Kitchen Box Goodie Breakdown

For those who want a wide selection of treats while saving a bit of money, our Boxes are the perfect option! For chewers to treat lovers, dogs to cats, we’ve got a box that suits every pet family! And the “From Our Kitchen Box” is one of our most popular. But what makes it so great?

Made in Canadian Kitchens

Our treats are made by in-house chefs, who work hard to craft them each with care. These high-quality treats are healthy, limited ingredients, and are always natural. Our kitchens allow us the space needed to provide start-to-finish product development and testing.

That is why we dedicated this treat box to our kitchens!

Bestselling Treats

The “From Our Kitchen Box” features some of our all-time bestselling treats, making this box a great option for people who already know and love our most popular products. 

Secondly, the items in this box offer a variety of protein options, including salmon, turkey, sardines, and beef liver. This allows your pet to taste a large selection of flavours and textures. Who knows, you might discover their new favourite!

And finally, the “From our Kitchen Box” isn’t just for dogs! The treats in this box are also suitable for cats. We’ve even heard from Only One Treats community members that their exotic pets and farm animals are fans as well!

What is in the “From Our Kitchen Box”?

Salmon Skin Strips 85g

Our classic crispy, crunch, and oh-so-tasty Salmon Skin Strips. Adored by both cats and dogs alike. You can even break apart the strips into smaller bite-sized pieces if your pet requires it.

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Dried Sardines 150g

Our signature pet treats. Pets can’t get enough of these crunchy and aromatic little fish. Our Dried Sardines are a must-have!

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Turkey Jerky 56g

Turkey Jerky 56g - Only One Treats

These strips made with 100% Canadian turkey are soft, natural, and handcrafted with care. This jerky is great for pets who need soft treats!

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Canadian Beef Liver Training Treats 170g

These treats are healthy, low in fat, gluten-free, and full of flavour. Your pets are going to fall in love with training time! And if they love these, we have even more training treats flavours for your pet to try!

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Try our “From Our Kitchen Box” Today!

So if you’re planning on ordering your pets some bestselling treats from our treat collection, why not consider this pre-made treat haul for your pets? It’s the perfect opportunity to save a bit of money by bundling, and maybe have your pets try something new!