Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping options?

Since we are based in Canada, we primarily ship through Canada Post and UPS in order to serve you guys best! Shipping times are an estimate only and are calculated from the time they leave our warehouse. Please allow additional time for the processing of your order at our warehouse.

If you run into any problems during the order process or in receiving your order please don't hesitate to contact us via the support tab or by emailing us at

What is your Return Policy?

You can view our return policy here.

Where are your treats made?

Most of our products are packaged and distributed right here in Canada! We are always looking for local suppliers whenever possible.

How can I pay for my order?

Only One Treats accepts most major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also offer gift certificates which can be purchased in the online store under "accessories". These gift certificates can be redeemed at the checkout and make the perfect gift!

Unfortunately at this time, our online store is unable to accept Visa debit cards, however, you can use PayPal to enable debit payments direct from your chequing account.

Where can I buy Only One Treats products?

You can purchase any of our available products on our website.
If you are looking for a retail store near you, please visit our store locator here.

I have a promotional discount code, how do I use it?

If you have an Only One Treats promotional discount code, you can enter the code into the discount code box during the 2nd step of the checkout process.

Please ensure that the promotional discount code successfully applies to your order and that the discount is taken off the price before completing your order.

What are your Terms of Service?

Please visit our Terms of Service here.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please visit our Privacy Policy here.

Do your gift cards expire?

While our gift cards aren't refundable, they never expire and can be transferred to anyone within our ship-to countries.

Do you offer discounts or sales?

Check our website, blog and social media for offers, discounts and more. Our offers, sales and clearances do expire.

Can I combine discounts?

No. At this time we unfortunately only honour one discount per order.

Why are there two small packets in my pet’s treat bag?

The two small packets inside our treat bags are used to make the product shelf stable and fresh without using any preservatives.  Both packets serve a different purpose:

The silica gel packet is used to absorb any moisture inside the treat bag, acting much like a sponge.

The oxygen absorber packet serves to remove the oxygen component of air inside the airtight treat bag once we seal it. In doing this, we are greatly reducing the risk of mould growing on our pet treats over time.

What should I do with these two packets once I open the treat bag?

It is generally a good idea to remove these packets and toss them in the garbage once you’ve opened your treat bag (they will not work as effectively as they did when the bag was sealed).  It is also generally a good idea to keep our products in a cool, dry place or the refrigerator after opening.  We will have this statement located on the back of our packaging when necessary.

What should I do if my pet were to ingest one or both packs?

If at any time your pet were to eat one or both packets, please read this information:

If a pet ingests the silica pack, there is not much to worry about other than it may not fully digest. Your pet may get a bit dehydrated, and may also vomit to get the packet out of their system.  Please monitor your pet and watch for any concerning signs or behaviours, and seek out veterinary assistance if you suspect your pet needs medical attention.

If a pet ingests the oxygen absorber:

The main ingredient in the oxygen absorber is elemental iron, with our 100cc packets having approx. 1.6 grams. Inside the packet, the elemental iron will turn into iron oxide, which is less harmful but not totally harmless.  If your pet were to ingest this item, it is highly recommended that you seek veterinary assistance immediately.  Small dogs and cats are more susceptible to the harmful effects of elemental iron, but medium and larger dogs can get very sick as well.

You can also call your local Pet Poison hotline for assistance – they charge $75 in Canada and the US for this service. Depending on your situation, it may be best to take your pet to a pet emergency location instead, so that the vet can intervene with treatment right away.

We have attached pictures of the items and the safety data sheets for your knowledge.  In the extremely rare instance that this occurs, please seek out medical attention right away.

For further information, please email:


Thank you

Only One Treats Team