Why Only One Ingredient?

Only One Treats isn't only our name, our motto, and our brand, it's also our mission. Finding a way to keep your pet's diet simple and straightforward is the easiest way to stay on track with getting them the nutrients they need. 

Riley is our mascot and the reason we founded Only One Treats

Only One Treats began as our family's solution to solve a real problem for our beloved family dog, Riley. When our dog Riley was much younger, he got an ear infection that just wouldn’t quit. After being told by our veterinarian that his infection was due to allergies to a wide variety of proteins. After multiple visits, medications, and switching his diet from chicken to beef, turkey, lamb, buffalo, venison, grain, it was heartbreaking to see Riley unable to enjoy a certain quality of life we wanted to give him. 

Eventually our family went into the pet business by buying a pet food and supply store in Langley, British Columbia. We were turned onto a raw food diet which was a relatively easy and affordable switch. After about 6 months of eating clean, raw food, Riley’s ear infection finally cleared up and still hasn’t returned more than 5 years later. We were relieved, but we began to question our faith in what we thought we knew about our pet’s health and in our vet’s expertise.

Why didn't our veterinarian suggest trying a raw diet? Why didn’t simply using medication work? How many other family pets were suffering from similar situations? This is when the real work started.

From day one, our customers told us that they decided to try this product because it was simple, something that had clear health benefits, and something they could trust in. Our furry customers at the store couldn’t get enough - they were tasty, smelly and would get gobbled up by even the pickiest pets. It quickly became clear that we needed to offer this type of product to families all over our hometown, the west coast, and eventually Canada. It all started with a clear zip lock pouch bag with a simple label on it.

The original label for Only One Treats dried sardines

Our eyes were opened and we were now on a mission to find out if we could turn this into a business. We had to overcome a lot of challenges and hurdles along the way - where can we sustainably source high quality ingredients from? How do we educate people who are used to buying their pet’s treats without checking the label? Luckily for us, because we owned a store we were able to pivot our business and look towards bringing our product to market.

Our Riley still eats a raw food diet, full of nutrients and ingredients that our family believes in - and at fifteen, he’s still young and full of loving energy as ever. This is exactly the proof we needed that single ingredient treats are an affordable way to help pets everywhere live their best life.