Jerky -

These treats are 100% Canadian from the meat which is sourced from Canadian farmers to the labour to produce and package these treats, they are hand-crafted with love with the freshest, and most nutritious ingredients we can find. 

Your pet will absolutely love our soft jerky treats.  We don't use any liver or heart in our soft jerky treats - this is ground meat, just like you would buy in the grocery store - just human-grade & muscle meat.  The difference between our treats and ones you could buy for yourself is that we do not use any salt, sugar or flavouring in our jerky.  There is only 2 ingredients, basically 95% meat and a tad of vegetable glycerin to keep the treats soft after the dehydration process, and naturally preserved.

What is "vegetable glycerin?" It is derived from palm or coconut oil, it is a natural ingredient.  You will find vegetable glycerin in a variety of other products like diabetic foods because it is naturally sweet without affecting blood sugar levels.  It can also be found in cosmetics, cough medicine, toothpaste, mouthwash and soaps, just to name a few.

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