A Feast for Dogs – Holiday Favourites for your Furry Friends!

With fall and winter comes quite a few holidays. For Canada, we have Thanksgiving in October, and for our American friends, in November. We also get Christmas in December, and New Years in January. Now, we know every person and family celebrates holidays and special occasions in their own unique ways with their own fun traditions. It could be having parties, giving gifts, singing songs, going on trips – there is no incorrect way to spend those special days! But for us at Only One Treats, our favourite part of any holiday is the food!

When it comes to food on holidays, there really are no wrong answers. You want sloppy joes on Thanksgiving? Go for it! How about spaghetti on Christmas? Sounds delicious! Our go-to meal however is a classic roast dinner with all the fixin’s! Yumm, doesn’t that sound good? There really is no better smell than a turkey in the oven. And guess what? Your dog can smell it too! So why not treat them to an equally special meal made just for them?

In this blog, we want to show you some pet friendly alternatives to the traditional roast turkey meal, so your pup can be included in the feast without begging for scraps from the table (although they still might, we heard you make an amazing turkey)!


1. The bird is the word!

Who doesn’t love a juicy, hot piece of turkey on a chilly day? We know we do! And so do dogs. You can never roast a turkey without peering down and seeing Fido’s puppy dog eyes glued to the bird on the table, drool dripping from his lips. And although there’s nothing wrong with sneaking a piece or two, why not save the good stuff for the family, and give your dog something extra special? Here are some turkey “under-the-table-sneak-free” alternatives!

Turkey Jerky

Turkey Jerky

Mmmmm, turkey. This Turkey Jerky is soft, natural, and handcrafted. Almost as good as the table scraps! We take great pride in each small batch, making sure to maintain a high quality product for your pet. A great choice for pets who require soft treats and foods! 

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Freeze-Dried Turkey

Freeze-Dried Turkey

And if jerky isn’t your jam, we have Freeze-Dried Turkey, too! Made in Canada from locally sourced Canadian Turkey, they are high in protein and low in fat. This is a great option if you want already portioned, bite-sized treats.

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2. A feast is nothing without the sides!

Okay, turkey is great and all, but the sides are where the real magic happens. Stuffing, veggies, cranberry sauce, that is truly what makes the meal. Here are some dog friendly side-options that will leave them howling for more veggies!


Dried Sweet Potato Slices

Dried Sweet Potato SlicesWhen it comes to sweet potatoes, there are many ways to cook and serve them! Roasted, mashed, sliced, candied, fried, and more! But these Dried Sweet Potato Slices are purr-fect for your dog. These locally made treats are a great source of vitamin A, C, B6, and help to promote healthy skin, coats and eyes! 

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Purple Sweet Potato Slices

Purple Sweet Potato Slices

And if we’re talking sweet potato, why not try something a little different? Everyone likes a little pop of colour in their Christmas spread! Purple Sweet Potatoes are low in fat and high in fibre, making these locally made treats a great choice for dog’s health.

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3. Room for dessert?

And no feast is complete with the tasty, mouth watering desserts. The sweet final bites of the night to help kick-in your turkey-coma and make you wish you had left more room for another slice of pie, or one last lick of ice cream. Here are some treats inspired by a seasonal favourite: pumpkin!


Dried Pumpkin Slices

Dried Pumpkin SlicesLocally made in Canada, these Dried Pumpkin Slices are natural and have nothing but pumpkin! Dog’s love the texture of these leathery, chewy treats, and they love the flavour even more! Pumpkin is nutrient dense and low in calories, but rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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Fresh Soft Pumpkin Training Treats

Fresh Soft Pumpkin Training Treats

Soft, tasty, and bite-sized! These Pumpkin Training Treats are the perfect way to end your meal. While you’re indulging in a slice – or two! – of pumpkin pie, your dog can be in their own pumpkin paradise. And because they are soft and easy to chew, these treats are the perfect option for pets with difficulty eating hard or crunchy foods!

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So why not create a holiday, seasonal spread for your #1 best friend? Start your own tradition today of treating them to the feast they deserve! And when your belly is full of the day’s delicious dishes, theirs will be too, and you can both dream of sugar plums dancing (mmm, sugar plums)!