Easy-to-Eat Soft Treats for Dogs

All dogs love treats. Doesn’t everyone? A tasty little pick-me-up either as a reward or just because. However, choosing the right treat for your dog can take some trial and error. One thing you want to get right for your dog is the texture of the treat, that can be very important. Some dogs have a difficult time with hard, crunchy treats. This can be for a number of reasons, like TMJ, dental issues, jaw issues, or they can be young puppies still learning to chomp properly. In this blog, we want to highlight some of our easy-to-eat soft treats for dogs to help you choose the right one for your pets!


Training Treats

These treats are soft, tasty, and easy-to-eat! Our Training Treats are already made into perfect bite-sized pieces, but because they are also malleable, they easily break apart into smaller pieces. This is ideal for dogs who can’t open their jaws widely or can’t manage a full bite.

We offer two soft options of Training Treat flavours, and neither includes meat proteins! This makes it easier for pets with food sensitivities to find something they enjoy too. Limited ingredients, natural, and tasty. These soft and easy-to-eat treats are our go-to treat pick for pets who need some extra love when it comes to treat texture.

Fresh Soft Pumpkin Training Treats Soft Natural Peanut Training Treats

Jerky Options

We offer many, many different kinds of jerky here at Only One Treats, so we understand that choosing the right one for your pet can be tough. But something people may not realize, is that three of our jerky flavours are soft, and easy to break into smaller bits, making them a great option for dogs who need easy-to-eat treats.

We offer soft jerky in three classic proteins: beef, chicken, and turkey. 

Beef Jerky 56g  Chicken Jerky 56g Turkey Jerky 56g
Beef Jerky Chicken Jerky Turkey Jerky

(Here’s a Tip!) Freeze-Dried Treats

Here’s a tip to make a fan favourite crunchy treat, into a soft easy-to-eat treat for dogs!

  1. Choose your pet’s favourite Freeze-Dried treat from our Freeze-Dried collection.
  2. In your pet's food dish, add the Freeze-Dried treats plus a bit of water, and mix.
  3. Let it sit for around 20 minutes or until treats become the desired consistency.
  4. Feed to your pet!

Doing this will create a much easier-to-eat treat, similar to leaving cereal in milk before eating it! Plus, pets love the ‘treat gravy’ this creates!

Freeze-Dried Beef Liver 100g  Freeze-Dried Salmon 85g Freeze-Dried Cod 70g
Freeze-Dried Beef Freeze-Dried Salmon Freeze-Dried Cod
Freeze-Dried Chicken 100g Freeze-Dried Turkey 85g
Freeze-Dried Chicken Freeze-Dried Turkey

Beef Lung + Lamb Lung

Our lungs are soft and flavourful, and available in both Beef and Lamb. They are made into easy-to-eat wafers that all dogs can munch through without worry.

Beef Lung 70g Lamb Lung
Beef Lung  Lamb Lung

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