New Product Alert: Introducing Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snaks

Pink, large, and in charge!

That’s how we best describe these droolworthy dog treats. 

In the summer months, people love biting into ripe and juicy strawberries. But did you know? Dogs can eat strawberries too. In fact, our fur friends go tail wagging bonkers for the natural sweetness of strawberries which appeals to canine taste buds, making them both a flavorful and nutritious snack.

So, that’s why we created Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snaks! 

Similar to traditional yak chews, these long-lasting chews are a must-have for pups and come in multiple sizes:

Let’s find out what makes them the tastiest treat you can feed your dog. 

What are Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snaks?

Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snaks

Never heard of a Yak Snak before?

Then you (and your pooch) are in luck, because the canine world has seen an explosion of interest lately in healthier food options for dogs, and yak milk-based treats are “leading the pack,” so to speak.

At its core, a Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snak is exactly what it sounds like…a delicious fruity flavored chew with roots in Himalayan tradition crafted from a dog-safe blend of ingredients, including:

  • Yak milk
  • Cow milk
  • Salt
  • Lime juice
  • Fresh Strawberry Juice

Together, these undergo a sun-drying and smoking process resulting in a hard chew that pups can munch on for longer than regular treats. Bonus: the texture of Yak Snaks provides a satisfying, enjoyable, and natural chewing experience. Unlike other products, they also contain no chemicals and zero preservatives.

Pretty pup-tastic if you ask us! 

Benefits of Strawberry Himilayan Yak Snaks


Have you ever picked up a soggy, wet, twisted dog treat?

Ew, right?

Luckily, Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snaks for dogs are not just a tasty indulgence, but also a tough long-lasting delight. They are carefully created to keep even the strongest chewers engaged and satisfied for extended periods. The dense texture ensures that the joy of chewing lasts, providing both entertainment and mental stimulation.

High in protein

Next, supporting our dog's overall health and well-being is a top priority, and the high protein content in Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snaks is a big win. 

According to petMD, protein is essential for:

  • Muscle development
  • Immune function
  • Energy levels

At 63.28% protein, these treats are protein powerhouses! 

Low in fat

Another paw-some benefit? 

Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snaks are low in fat, promoting a healthy weight and reducing the risk of obesity-related problems.  


Lastly, we pride ourselves on offering tasty morsels to all dogs…including those with dietary restrictions and/or sensitivities. So, for a gentler snack on the digestive system, try Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snaks. 

It’s one of many gluten-free options.

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it!

In the world of dog treats, Strawberry Himalayan Yak Snaks stand out as an exceptional choice. By incorporating these tasty delights into your dog's routine, you're not just indulging their taste buds; you're actively contributing to their overall health, happiness, and vitality. Whether you choose the Large or Extra-Large size, your dog will thank you with a wagging tail and boundless energy!