Snack Spotlight: Lamb Gullets

Let’s face it: dogs are chewers!

From squeaky toys and sticks to the occasional shoe (oops…) canines have an instinct to chew. Therefore, it’s super important to provide appropriate items for them to chew on. Otherwise, their brains and dental hygiene will suffer – and so might your boots, heels, and flip flops!  

Enter, Lamb Gullets.

We offer four different types of lamb gullet treats:

Made from 100% premium lamb gullets, each is a natural chew crafted with love and care and none of the “yucky” stuff like:

  • Preservatives
  • Fillers
  • Additives
  • Chemicals

Ready to see why all the pups are barking about the health benefits of lamb gullets these days? Let’s jump in. 

What is a Lamb Gullet?

So, what’s a lamb gullet dog chew?

Lamb gullets are nutrient-rich treats derived from – yes, you guessed it – lambs. Specifically, the esophagus. These natural chews are mostly cartilage (with a little bit of meatiness) to offer a satisfying combination of taste and texture, making them a favourite among our canine companions.

I’ve Never Heard of Lamb Gullets Before. Are they Worth the Hype?

Oh yes! 

Shopping for dog treats can be overwhelming. We know. 

Fortunately, at Only One Treats, products are healthy, single ingredient, and high value with a droolworthy taste. Even better, lamb gullets are loaded with numerous health benefits, such as:

Nutrient-Rich Goodness

Veterinarians at VCA Animal Hospitals recommend keeping an eye on your dog’s Glucosamine, and Chondroitin intake. Both are essential for hips, joints, cartilage repair, and can be anti-inflammatory. Lamb gullets are a natural and easy to feed source of both.  

Digestive Wellness

Bye bye tummy troubles! 

The composition of lamb gullets makes them easily digestible. Therefore, gullets are a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those prone to digestive issues.

Dental Health

Third, chewing on a scrumptious lamb gullet improves canine dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. The gnawing action also promotes gum stimulation, contributing to better overall oral hygiene.

Which Type of Lamb Gullet Should My Dog Get?

When it comes to introducing your dog to lamb gullets for the first time, consider any of the following: 

11"+ Lamb Gullet Stick

11+ Lamb Gullet

This long-lasting stick is a paw-some choice for dogs who love a challenge. The elongated shape offers mouthwatering chewing pleasure, and when held down by their paws, it promotes both mental and dental stimulation – a win-win. 


5-7" Braided Lamb Gullet

5-7" Braided Lamb Gullet

Next up is a shorter gullet. 

Ideal for smaller breeds (or those who prefer a more manageable size). The braided design adds an extra nice layer of texture, making it a twisty chew for dogs of all sizes.

11"+ Braided Lamb Gullet

11+ Braided Lamb Gullet

Looking for the most durable lamb gullet?

This braided big boy is the answer! 

It’s the best of both worlds: solid length and mega texture for exceptional strength in the mouths of nonstop chewers.  

Lamb Gullet Pieces 70g

Lamb Gullet Pieces

And last – but certainly not least – don’t miss this bag. Excellent for those who prefer bite-sized treats, these smaller lamb gullet pieces are a convenient storage and travel option. Perfect for training or as a quick reward, every single one is packed with flavour.


Final Thoughts


Who knew lamb gullets were so versatile? 

Whether your dog enjoys the challenge of a stick or the texture of braids, Only One Treats caters to every canine preference.