Our Wishlist is Here: The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

10 Presents that Will Really Get Your Dog’s Tail Waggin’ this Holiday Season!

As pet lovers ourselves we know that spoiling the canines on your list a gift is some of the most fun and stress-free shopping you need to do! We have created this list to help you hunt down the best gifts for all the dogs and dog-owning humans in your life this season - and the best companies to watch for great boxing day shopping! We hope you love these unique ideas that are a mix of thoughtful, practical, and fun. 

1. Busy Buddy treat dispensing Toys – the ‘Magic Mushroom

The first item on our list is perfect for busy pet parents who are scrambling (and who isn’t?) to get ready for the holidays! This toy, made by Pet Safe, is easy to fill with kibble or treats, can hold a full meal for most dogs, can be used independently, and offers an adjustable difficulty level/treat size. It is also easy to take apart and clean as all the parts are dishwasher safe. 

Even very smart dogs will still take a good 20-30mins to get the food out on the hardest setting as the opening is quite small and won’t let too much food out at once – a common problem with many other puzzle toys. This is a great gift as it gives owners the gift of extra time while still being super fun for the dog!

2. Biothane leash and collar from Dog Walkies for winter walks

These leashes and collars are well-made, durable, waterproof, and come in tons and tons of different colours, lengths, and widths. Owners can choose whether they want stainless steel or brass clips and rivets, and they can customize the length and width of any leash or collar in any colour. 

These collars are 100% Canadian and buying them supports a small business – they are all made on a small family farm in northern Alberta by Andre and Christine, the owners. If ordered in a longer size (10ft, 15ft, 30ft) the leashes are also fantastic for working dogs, nose work or tracking classes and competitions, and recall training. 

3. Illustrate-it – convert a photo of a dog into a custom painting

This gift is a very unique and personal one that would be great for someone who has just adopted a new dog, just lost a beloved dog, or someone who has a senior dog and they know time is short. These paintings are not only a beautiful piece of art for the owner’s home, but they also capture the dog’s unique personality exceptionally well. 

If you choose to commission a portrait, you will be supporting the work of a Canadian digital portrait artist who resides in Toronto. The artist, Heather Higginson, can do paintings of cats, dogs, horses, birds, groups of pets, or a picture of a pet and a person. Check out her site for more information on ordering!  

4. Edible Chew holder: Himalayan dog chews or bully sticks

You already know that your dog loves to chew on bully sticks and Himalayan chews, but maybe you hesitate to give them to her because she gulps those last few inches and could choke in her enthusiastic enjoyment. 

This product was made for dogs that love food and gulp down chews! This toy is durable and will prevent your dog from accessing the entire chew all at once – meaning you can take the chew away once it’s too short to be safe. 

The Benebone Pawplexer offers your dog handles to make chewing easier. Even better? The handles of the holder double as a safer alternative to Nyla bones and comes in bacon, chicken, or peanut butter flavour to extend the chewing time! The holder can accommodate several different lengths and widths of chew as well, which is a bonus.  

5. Black sheep organics shampoo

Black sheep is a small Canadian company specializing in producing dog bath products with natural ingredients that are good for you, good for your dog, and kind to our earth. 

This company started small making soap just for their own dog spa, but soon grew from there. Their shampoo is vegan, bio-degradable and animal-cruelty free. If you are looking for a good gift for the eco-warrior dog-lover on your list, or a shampoo for a dog with really sensitive skin – you’ve found it! 

6. Chilly Dogs raincoat or soaker towel gift set

These coats are amazing, well-made, and actually fit all those ‘hard-to-fit’ furry buddies. Dachshunds, Great Danes, Pit bulls, and Greyhounds – you have found the one coat that will fit properly and cover everything! 

This Canadian company based in Ottawa makes a range of different coat styles that work well for anything from the mild weather of Vancouver all the way up to the more serious winters of Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

If you have a dog with long fur that gets soggy quickly and easily all winter (or you know someone else who does), then you should also check out this company’s gift basket of ultra absorbent microfiber towels – after all, some dogs are simply not ‘1-towel-needed’ dogs!

7. Monthly subscription box: Bullymake, Bark n’ Fun, or Dog Bundles

We are sure that you have heard of these or seen them advertised online or in popular pet magazines. The idea with these companies is that they will mail you a shoebox size box every month in the mail with about 5 different treats and/or toys every month that all center around a different theme that changes monthly. 

Check out ‘Bark n’ Fun’ for a new Canadian company, check out ‘Dog Bundles’ for a box that includes some big name items (like Kong) that you already know your pooch likes, and check out Bully make for boxes made for strong, destructive dogs. 

8. A Bowser Bed 

For someone who wants a dog bed that is as comfortable and durable as it is modern and stylish – look no further than bowser beds. This Canadian company based out of Ontario carries crate pads, dog beds, crates, accessories and much more. Check out their website for a gorgeous gift for any dog lover who is also a ‘fashion hound’. 

9. Flirt poles for big strong breeds

A flirt pole is basically a bigger, stronger version of a cat wand toy with a lure attached to a rope on the end of a long pole. Any dog that loves chasing small animals (terriers!) or herding would love this toy, as would many of the breeds bred for retrieving. 

Essentially this toy is a very strong and durable way to play with your dog in a fun and different way while still tiering them out quite quickly! This wand was developed by “Squishy Face Studios” and the company founder and owners have 3 Pit Bulls – so they know what it takes to make a toy that’s durable!  

10. ‘Zoo Snoods’ silly, adorable, and warm winter ear warmers for dogs.

A ‘snood’ is a type of hat, and they are useful in several different ways. They function as a way to keep your dogs head, ears, and neck warm in the winter, they can be used as a practical way to hold back long fur and/or ears while your dog eats to minimize mess, and they could even work as the top half of a prize winning Halloween costume next year. 

With these hats, your chihuahua can look like a deer, your retriever can look like a rooster, and your pit bull can wear the knitted horns of an actual bull. 

Although this isn’t a Canadian company, they do ship to Canada and are still made within North America. For convivence, they are also sold by Amazon.ca. What’s even better is that they donate to $1 to animal rescue with every purchase. 

Bonus Gift: If you are looking for a great gift for a senior dog, a disabled dog, a dog on crate rest, or any dog who simply loves food puzzles based on scent – check out this link for one more cool Christmas gift idea! 

We hope this list has helped you make sure that everyone on your list feels loved this December. Happy shopping, happy holidays, and happy memory making!

– Carly Piatocha, Only One Treats Contributor