Training Treats for Dogs

Whether you’re teaching a puppy new tricks, or treating a senior canine to a soft snack, our training treats make the perfect biscuit style treat for dogs!

We handcraft all of our training treats in small batches to ensure their top-notch quality every time. These treats are healthy, low in fat, gluten-free, and full of flavour! Your pets are going to fall in love with training time.

So, what to know more? Let us tell you!

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What are Training Treats for?

Good question! 

Training Treats can be used like any other dog treat. To reinforce good behaviours, to provide enrichment time, to distract them from what you’ve got going on, or just because they’re being adorable! Whenever you find yourself reaching for a dog treat, training treats can be enjoyed!

We call them training treats, because they make the perfect treat for training for pet with. Learning new skills is easier for dogs when they’re rewarded with a bag of tasty biscuits along the way! And because they’re easily torn into smaller pieces, you can determine how small -– or BIG! — their reward is every time. 

Do Training Treats have limited ingredients?

When it comes to treats and chews, we believe fewer ingredients is more. That’s why we always do our best to have limited ingredients in all of our treats. Each of our training treats are made from only three natural ingredients: protein, chickpea flour, and vegetable glycerine. The protein is specific to each flavour of treat: salmon, pumpkin, peanut, and beef liver. For more info on each, keep reading! 

The chickpea flour, first and foremost, allows us to build a dough. As far as flours go, chickpea flour is high in protein and fibre, lower in carbohydrates, and contains fewer calories than regular flour. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals! It is more costly than regular flours, but it is important to us that we use ingredients that reflect our natural and healthy approach to pet treats. 

As for vegetable glycerine, we use this in place of oils. It has a high viscous texture, and does not register on the glycaemic index. It has a natural sweetness to it and acts as a natural preservative for our treats. The recipe definitely wouldn’t be the same without it!

What are the texture of Training Treats?

@brutus_thebasset with Training Treats

Each flavour is soft, chewy, and easy to break apart into smaller pieces, making it perfect for dogs with tooth, jaw, or chewing troubles like seniors, small puppies, or dogs living with TMJ.

One of our Only One Treats Partners, Brutus (@brutus_thebasset on Instagram), lives with TMJ dysplasia, making him unable to widely open his mouth, or chew on treats that are too hard or crunchy. Because of the soft, chewy texture of our training treats, his owner can break them up into easy to chew pieces, making them the perfect treat for Brutus!



Are Training Treats safe for dogs with food allergies?

We understand that for some pets who live with food allergies, finding yummy treats that fit their diet can be challenging. In fact, we started Only One Treats when we ourselves had difficulties finding allergy safe treats for our own pets. That’s why we do our best to offer a variety of different treats and chews, from a variety of proteins and nutritional sources. Our training treats, for example, come in four unique flavours: salmon, pumpkin, peanut, and beef liver. Not only that, but they also are gluten-free! That way, every dog can enjoy a training treat that suits their dietary needs!

So, what protein options are there?

We’re glad you asked! We have four flavours:

Wild Pacific Salmon Training Treats
Wild Pacific Salmon Training Treats

If your dog likes to feast on something fishy, these are the training treats for them. Our Wild Pacific Salmon Training Treats have the most protein out of all our training treat options, at 23.29% Crude Protein!

Fresh Soft Pumpkin Training Treats
Fresh Soft Pumpkin Training Treats

Not quite a pumpkin spiced latte, but they’ll love it all the same! These super soft training treats are a perfect choice for anyone avoiding certain proteins and peanuts! Not only do they provide 17.27% of crude protein, but they also only contain 2.47% of crude fat, making it very low in fat as well!

Canadian Beef Liver Training Treats
Canadian Beef Liver Training Treats

Is your pup a beef lover? We’ve got a training treat for them! These beef liver treats are made with 100% Canadian beef and are full of flavour. Some dogs prefer the biscuit style beef treats, rather than a jerky or dried preparation, which puts these tasty treats at the top of their wishlist! 

Soft Natural Peanut Training Treats
Soft Natural Peanut Training Treats

Does your dog love peanut butter? Then they need to try our Soft Natural Peanut Training Treats! They are a great option for pets who have allergies to certain meats. Peanuts are a natural source of protein, and give these training treats 18.41% of crude protein, wow! If you or your pet has allergies to peanuts, though, we would suggest trying a different flavour!

Does your dog love our Training Treats?

Let us know on social media, we always love to see your pets enjoying our treats! And if you haven’t tried them yet, we want you to! 


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