What is a Pizzle Stick?

Dog lovers have their own vocabulary. 

For example, surely you have caught yourself saying words like, “doggo,” “fur baby,” “belly rubs,” and of course, “zoomies!”

But what does pizzle mean?

If this term is unfamiliar (and let’s face it…a little funny sounding) not to worry. Only One Treats has a wide assortment of bestselling pizzles for dogs to choose from and is here with all the information you need about these extraordinarily beneficial dog chews.

What is a Pizzle Made of?

So, what’s a pizzle?

Essentially, a pizzle stick is a type of dog chew made from one ingredient: the dried penis of an animal. 

This can include:

  • Bull
  • Steer
  • Pig
  • Lamb

Pizzle sticks are sold in pet stores and widely considered to be one of the finest natural alternatives to rawhide chews. They are available in various sizes to suit different breeds of dogs, from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane.

Since they are 100% natural animal byproducts, pizzles vary in thickness, shape, weight, and colour.

However, one thing stays the same…

At Only One Treats, we pride ourselves in the finest pizzle sticks. That means:

  • No Additives
  • No Chemicals
  • No Hormones or Antibiotics
  • CFIA and USDA Approved

No wonder pups can’t get enough pizzles! 

Chew On This: Unleashing the Top 4 Benefits of Pizzle Sticks 

Moreover, these chewy dog treats are paw-sitively packed with health benefits.

Unlike bones (which can break and splinter dangerously) pizzle sticks are hard and stiff, like a dense piece of jerky. Depending on its preparation and drying process, a pizzle has a slightly fibrous texture. As a dog happily chews, it softens and becomes more pliable, allowing a gradual digestive breakdown. 

Which leads nicely into all the reasons why dogs go barking crazy for pizzle sticks.

  • Natural and Nutritious
  • First, let’s talk about nutritional value. 

    Whereas many commercial dog treats are made with artificial additives or fillers, pizzle sticks are the #1 natural choice. They are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, making them a healthier alternative for your furry companion. Even better, pizzle sticks are a rich source of protein, offering a nutritious snack that supports muscle development and overall vitality.

  • Calming Effect and Stress Reduction
  • Does your pup struggle with stress?

    According to VCA Animal Hospitals, physical activities (such as walks and games of fetch) can greatly reduce symptoms of stress, hyperactivity, and anxiety in dogs. Yet what many pet owners don’t realize is that pizzle sticks can serve as a satisfying and appropriate outlet for these behaviours too.


    Dogs want to chew. It’s in their DNA. 

    Chewing pizzles keeps dogs occupied and entertained, especially during times when they may feel anxious or restless. It can help redirect their attention and provide a calming distraction.

  • Good for Dental Hygiene
  • Thirdly, pizzle sticks are an excellent way to support doggy dental health. The act of gnawing on a pizzle removes plaque and tartar buildup, promoting cleaner teeth and healthier gums. Bonus: since they are low odour, pizzle sticks don’t lead to stinky breath.


  • Long-Lasting Entertainment
  • Finally, boredom can lead to destructive behaviour. Fortunately, a pizzle stick is an effective solution to keep Fido entertained. These treats are known for their durability, offering hours of chewing to engage dogs for extended periods. Whether your family needs a distraction on a rainy afternoon or a quiet activity during crate time, it’s pizzle sticks to the rescue! 

    Should My Dog Chew a Braided or Regular Stick?

    With dozens on the market, you may be wondering, “Which type of pizzle stick should I buy?”

    Ultimately, it’s a personal choice. There are two sorts: regular and braided. 

    The difference lies in physical structure and appearance. Advantages of a braided pizzle stick made from multiple strands of dried animal penis include:

    • Increased durability
    • More textured ridges and crevices
    • Extra chewing challenge

    It’s worth noting that both regular and braided pizzle sticks offer similar benefits. Only One Treats recommends thinking about the size and chewing habits of your dog and their individual needs.

    Try Pizzle Sticks: a Tail-Wagging Chew for Canine Bliss!

    Pizzle sticks have earned their place as a popular chew treat for dogs. And it's easy to see why! From dental benefits to long-lasting entertainment and natural ingredients, pizzles offer a range of advantages for your furry friend. 

    Our Current Pizzle Options

    5-7" Pork Pizzle Stick

    5-7" Pork Pizzle Stick

    Pork Pizzle Pieces 56g

    Pork Pizzle Pieces 56g

    9-14" Lamb Pizzle Stick Single

    9-14" Lamb Pizzle Stick Single

    8-11" Braided Lamb Pizzle Stick

    8-11" Braided Lamb Pizzle Stick

    9" Veal Pizzle Stick

    9" Veal Pizzle Stick

    8" Veal Pizzle Stick

    8" Veal Pizzle Stick